Anonymous asked:

Arielle Scarella is another problematic Youtuber she says a lot of transphobic things and then gets angry when trans people get upset.

Orla-Jo's Not Dead Answer:

I’ll look into her and add her to the list. 

YouTube to Report and Avoid

edit (28/9/14)


So the recent outcries against Sam Pepper have led me to make a list of YouTubers who pull this crap all the time and do not spark this level of outcry. 

This is a list specifically for those still making YouTube videos.

Shane Dawson

Sam Pepper


Onison (literally so much stuff he got his own masterpost)

Luke Conrad

Corey Vidal / ApprenticeA

PewDiePie (Doesn’t understand why rape isn’t funny and was involved in a song called ‘it’s raping time’. 

Bret Barker

The Amazing Atheist 


Adrian Van Oyen (exposing himself naked at women in public)

Jenna Marbles and DailyGrace have also been criticised for Nicki Minaj parodies that pretty much amounted to blackface.

Let me know anyone you feel should be added.

Adrian Van Oyen YouTube youtube abuse Shane Dawson EddPlant Bret Barker

Anonymous asked:

what's wrong with wanting to wipe out Labour at the next election?

Orla-Jo's Not Dead Answer:






nothing, I hate Labour, but it’s the wiping IN the SNP that makes it not worth your while campaigning for. They are opportunistic capitalist bastards who care more about sooking the arse of the oil and gas industry than any working class Scot. They only seem like the good guys because they don’t have any power over fiscal policy - wait until they get hold of Scotland’s purse strings and you’ll find that they’ll all of a sudden have no problem making cuts and implementing austerity. They are fighting over the right to fuck you over mate - it’s not our fight, our fight is against all of them. By all means hate the Labour Party, but don’t be fooled into thinking the alternative is on a ballot paper. 

Alright, I don’t get get into international socialism much on this blog but this trite answer pissed me off. 

The SNP aren’t perfect. But it’s not just the same elite fighting over “Scotland’s purse strings” there is a problem in Scotland that they are not represented by the government they vote for. 

Now if Scotland became independent and the SNP did implement austerity (you have no evidence they would and using the word austerity with no context, given that’s not actually a policy, is dishonest scaremongering) then Scots would be a much stronger position to vote in a different government to better represent what they needed. 

Stop confusing anarchism with nihilism and stop confusing socialism with unionism.

you’re still claiming that people can vote against capitalism and austerity measures. *buzzer sounds* news just in, naw.

news just in. People voted for them. Just because they were wrong doesn’t make them cease to exist. 

what are you even on about you didnt respond to what i said at all. when did i say they didnt exist? please get back when you can think of an actual critique of what ive said and i will mark it out of 10 x

As in, people voted for parties with histories of implementing these (austerity) policies. That is something that happens and continues to happen. Just because the voting public make decisions that actually harm them doesn’t mean they didn’t make those decisions. 

You, childishly, told me you can’t vote against austerity as though it just magically came into being without anyone voting it in. 

Then again, like a child in a huff sulked like I should be waiting for your approval.

Nihilist lazy bullshitters who complain about capitalism than refuse to make any positive steps forward because they didn’t have a perfect world handed ready-made into their lazy little kid hands. 

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So Laci Green has been receiving threats from an email account that is (or was) listed on Sam Pepper website as his. A couple of hours after Laci made extracts from these emails public Pepper claimed it was an old email he’d not used in years that had been “spoofed”. 

Laci is still receiving threats and is currently speaking to legal council because she has been contacted by people claiming to have been assaulted by Sam Pepper. 

Update: this tweet claims that the email address is his and that Sam is lying. 

Sam Pepper Laci Green YouTube sexual assault threats

I seem to spend my life removing other people’s banal commentary from reblogged Tumblr posts so it won’t distract from my banal commentary on Tumblr posts. 

Tumblr me ha sorry not sorry

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